About Manitta

About Marnitta

Marnitta L. King was reared in Capitol Heights since she was an adolescent. For over 35 years, Marnitta has represented Capitol Heights as a scholar, a resident, an advocate, and, most recently, a Mayor. Marnitta is married to Curtis Hughes. In to this union, Marnitta has become the step-parent to Hazel, Tanya, Curtis Jr. and Isaiah. Marnitta is an active parent and views her family as her first priority. Marnitta graduated cum laude from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a Bachelors of Science Degree, where she studied Criminal Justice and Political Science. Marnitta has also received her Juris Doctorate, with honors, from the University of Maryland School of Law. Marnitta is honored to be a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Since 2001, Marnitta has been an active litigating attorney in Maryland and the District of Columbia. It is with God’s grace that Marnitta has been able to use her education and experience for the betterment of Capitol Heights. Marnitta was a councilmember for two terms in the Town of Capitol Heights from 2006-2014. As a Councilmember, Marnitta chaired the Senior Committee, Business License Committee and Charter and Code Committee. Marnitta has taken a personal and active role in the enhancement of Capitol Heights’ senior citizen’s quality of life. Marnitta has continued to fight for economic development within Capitol Heights, which is balanced by a sensitivity for neighborhood preservation. Marnitta considers herself an advocate for the people. Marnitta was elected as Mayor of the Town of Capitol Heights in May 2014.


As Mayor, Marnitta continued her work with the youth by facilitating, sponsoring and hosting the Capitol Heights free Leadership Camp for over 60 youth each summer and yearly free College Tour. Marnitta also personally donated appliances and books to the local elementary schools. Marnitta was able to sponsor Central high school students to attend a travel abroad trip to Spain. Marnitta was able to fund the Friendly High School’s “Friendly Patriot” Newspaper in its inaugural edition. Ensuring that book scholarships were available for Suitland High School Students was a priority of Marnitta. To keep the at-risk youth engaged, Marnitta regularly delivered ice cold drinks and snacks to local basketball courts and co-sponsored annual video game competitions at the end of each spring break. Supporting schools inside and outside of the incorporated Town was important to Marnitta as she realized the overall importance for not just Capitol Heights youth but to all youth. With the support of her Town Council, Marnitta was able to open up the participation in the Town’s Leadership Camp and College Tour to youth regardless of jurisdiction.


Marnitta also continued her efforts to advance the quality of life for senior groups. In addition to yearly appreciation dinners that Marnitta Co Sponsored with the Town, Marnitta volunteered her time to citizen groups who has a special focus on Senior support. Marnitta and the Former Mayor of District Heights personally collaborated together to replace appliances in homes of seniors in need. Each winter Marnitta and her kids dug residents out of snow storms. It has always been important for Marnitta to teach her kids that neighbors helping neighbors was a priority in civic engagement.

Public Safety

Along with her Council, Marnitta has encouraged local police efforts to focus on community policing. Requiring local officers to drive every street and to get out of the car and engage residents has been a priority for Capitol Heights. To avoid waste and potential for abuse, Marnitta pushed the Town to Adopt a mandatory GPS program for every Town vehicle. This program was implemented to reduce fuel cost, promote accountability and reduce police response time. Each goal was met with the introduction of the mandatory GPS program. This program struck an important balance between employee benefits and citizen expectation. With Public Safety as a core goal for residents, Marnitta consistently proposed and voted for Town Budgets that provided adequate funding for community policing, police recruitment and retention, and MD/DC border patrol.

Economic Development

In preparation for growth at the Capitol Heights Metro, Marnitta made it a priority to propose legislation that provided for tax stabilization for affected residents. This legislation made neighborhood preservation a priority while making sure long term home owners were not effectively displaced while rising property values due to incoming development made tax payment unaffordable. The Legislation provided an avenue for residents to have a funding source to beautify older properties consistent with changing landscapes of newer homes within the transit orientated development zone surrounding the metro station. The end result would also allow seniors on a fixed income to be able to afford to maintain their home despite rising tax payments. This legislation was in addition to actively pursuing development goals that brought a new business tax base into the community while not burdening the citizens.

Expanding the Vision

There is no 20743 without the 2 4. Although, Marnitta has served predominately as an elected official in the 20743 zipcode, Marnitta early on realized that the sum of all parts of the 24th Legislative District was not greater than the whole. The best way to support any part of the 24th legislative district was to support every part of the legislative district. There are those who want to separate the 24th District into good and bad, inner and outer, and incorporated and unincorporated. Marnitta wants to use the good of any part to enhance the good of every part. Marnitta wants to use all of her God given talents to advocate in an official capacity for the residents of the entire 24th Legislative District as she has done unofficially. Marnitta is experienced in collaboration. Marnitta has held collaboration meetings with the Mayors of Seat Pleasant and Fairmont Heights for years. The purpose of those meetings was to find common areas of concern to galvanize support for community improvement. As Vice President of the Maryland Mayors Association, Marnitta successfully testified before the State Legislature to save residents of the Prince Georges County over $1,600,000. Furthermore, as President of the Maryland Black Mayors Association, Marnitta worked with Mayors throughout the state to advance community goals and create scholarships opportunities.

It is within that vein, that Marnitta humbly asks for your support and consideration as she seeks election to be one of three state Delegates to represent the 24th Legislative District in the 2018 election.


  • Founding member of the “CCC” Concerned Citizens of Capitol Heights’ Civic Association
  • Provided free legal advice to the Civic association regarding Landfills effecting community quality of life.
  • Served as councilmember for two terms, 2006-2010 and 2010-2014.
  • Co-Sponsored several pieces of key legislation affecting the Town of Capitol Heights.
  • Chaired Code and Charter Committee and Business License Committee.
  • Proposed traffic safety efforts including speed bumps, enhanced crosswalks and signage.
  • Served as Mayor Pro Tempore from 2010-2014.
  • Organized and facilitated free youth leadership camp for Capitol
  • Heights’ youth in summer of 2012-2017.
  • Organized and participated in Free College Tour for Capitol Heights’ students during Spring break 2013-2016.
  • Drafted/passed local government procurement legislation to restrict & balance government expenditure /waste.
  • Incrementally donated her personal Town salary towards community purposes.
  • Chaired Senior Committee which is committed to monthly organized Senior activities and support.